Decentralised Wealth Management

Pentagram Partners is a fully-decentralised wealth management organisation that owns and operates businesses with digital asset synergies all around the world.

About Pentagram Partners

Pentagram Partners is a decentralised non-incorporated partnership that oversees the world’s largest network of unincorporated disruptive agencies in financial services. Although the Partnership is not established in any sovereign jurisdiction its interests remain some of the largest in the world of digital asset finance.  

Pentagram Partners is named after the  assembly of five principle decentralised cryptocurrency initiatives: a decentralised hedge fund, decentralised cash, decentralised derivatives, decentralised gaming and a decentralised fintech marketplace. These respective initiatives match up with the five dimensions of currency utility identified by the Partnership's founders and outlined in the Monkey Capital White Paper. 

None of the projects that belong Pentagram Partners are incorporated or otherwise have any legal personality, and all operations and functions are run via a 100% decentralised, mostly anonymous network of tech, media, finance, legal, community, sales and marketing and political operatives across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Innovation Portfolio

Pentagram Partners' Innovation Portfolio comprises the most advanced smart contract functionality in the world enabling a wide-range of real-life use cases.

Monkey Capital


Monkey Capital is a decentralised hedge fund. This means that it is a mechanism by which unlimited partners get paid revenue percentages from token sales and investors can make high return crypto investors.



Futereum is a derivatives-based value mining synthetic protocol. This means that investors can use smart contracts to simulate leveraged derivatives trades and partners can get a portion of funds committed to buying new tokens.



Dunaton is a marketplace for games, applications and instant messaging devices for private conversations that offers real utility and enhances returns and overall utility-value of Pentagram crypto projects. 



Zurcoin Plus is an enhancement and experiment with value on a protocol built very similar to bitcoin. This means that investors can experiment with digital cash that has been enhanced for the sake of producing returns.

Case Study One: D Varee Jomtien Beach Resort

Pentagram Partners recently secured a historic agreement with a leading 5-star luxury hotel chain to enable the use of MNY and FUTR for payment for stays, meals and more. The deal will put to work plasma technology from another 2017 ICO and Top 25 cryptocurrency, Omisgo (OMG).

Case Study Two: Highway Capital Plc Dividends

Monkey Capital invested in this nearly three-decade old London Stock Exchange listed investment vehicle with a focus on Poland and Eastern Europe in 2017. Now, via a private deal with Pentagram Partners struck in May 2018, the company is ready to make  dividend Highway Capital Plc will be the world's first ever public company to make dividend payments in cryptocurrency, using Monkey Capital's flagship currency MNY.

Stay Tuned For More!

During 2018, Pentagram Partners will be summarily adding utilities to its exciting range of value-enhanced digital cash products. Keep coming back to find out how the world uses our digital money next and what it means for you! 

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Examples of Proof-of-Value

Examples of proof-of-value, also known as POV, include Futereum and Quantumator cryptocurrencies as well as MNY. 

Why is Proof-of-Value the future?

Proof-of-Value is so special since it is the combined weight of Proof-of-work economies of scale with the environmental efficiency and overall disruptive application of Proof-of-stake.

Where can I read more about Proof-of-Value.

Start with the Monkey Capital White Paper. For more extensive reading, go to the Factory Banking Project White Paper.


White Papers

Via sponsoring and implementing real utility based on the most advanced financial research ever undertaken of currency utility, Pentagram Partners is changing the way that value is understood and used in almost every way imaginable.

In Brief: The Latest Analysis Concerning Pentagram Partners Innovations

A discussion between the Creator of Pentagram Partners and two members of the Monkey Capital community about Proof of Value Mining Synthetic Protocol (POV). In this one-hour podcast, the host and guests review personal use-cases of the Proof of Value mining innovation with respect to Futereum X (FUTX) and speculate on some future use-cases for the novel new innovation.


It is not possible to contact anyone at Pentagram Partners directly without prior arrangement. However, you can write to our portfolio company Dunaton, the world's premier digital financial product application marketplace at the below e-mail address and someone will contact you as soon as they are available if there is interest. Note that you do not need to follow up.